silly site with nothing but some pics from roli and friends. blah.


that's me climbing the mountain Rax!

christoph(left), meul(right) and me on our way up the Rax, behind us u see the Höllental

mani putting on a fericious grin on the ferry to pulau perhentian kecil [malaysia]

me eating barbecued crab on pulau tioman. yum! [malaysia]

me on that ferry to pulau perhentian kecil [malaysia]

tanja from switzerland and me eating claypot rice in the cameron highlands. And the waiter who wanted to be on every photo :) [malaysia]

gaad, me, meul, christoph on the starting point of our rafting tour down the flooded river schwechat

some ppl are not quite sure about this beeing a good idea... (me, meul,pisi, gaad)

bettina inspecting amsterdams' bathrooms...

pisi enjoying a beer

Digestive Trouble in concert! (pisi, lehe, meul, michl, clem)

michl & suuf

michl trying to eat...